How to Search the Map

The layer query builder is an advanced search that allows you to enter specific parameters to get a specific set of results.

Example, one such query may be “locate all the Police Stations within the parish of ‘Kingston’"

The layer query builder only works on one layer at a time. So you would have to select the layer that you want to query (Police Station). Then click the Query builder icon , the pop up window will come up with the parameters that you can enter. The first drop down refers to the parameter that you wish to search and the second drop down refers to the operation you would like to perform on the parameter.
In the “Add Clauses” Select ‘Parish’ under the first drop down. Select the ‘=’ parameter in the second drop down. Type ‘Kingston’ in the textbox. Click the Set button then click the Run button to see the results.
For more information see the User Manual.

  How to Search